Tips…..Where & How to sell goods

Some quick ideas to increase sales. Some are obvious, others not. If one is making things to sell, consider part of the job is selling and marketing.

Place “FOR SALE ” flyers or post on Community bulletin boards or run an inexpensive ad. You never know when someone will want 6 identical hats and scarves, neckwarmers, fingerless texting handwarmers. Info with a picture is always good.

PURCHASING ACCOUNTS: Open an account with a Yarn/Textile supplier so that you can purchase repeat yarns at a lower than Retail price. Or, consider Group buying with other similar artisans in order to qualify for discounts.

PRICING: Don’t under price, it only hurts all. We can’t compete with Asia and China. A business card attached to the product is good to encourage “repeat” business.

CONSIGNMENT SALES : Consider finding places to place your finished items on ” consignment”.  i.e. Hair salons, yoga studios, art galleries, hotel gift kiosks, schools (think school colours for fingerless mittens), any organized group for group purchases. Keep records of date and places of consignments. Pickup and replace items that were not sold in a timely manner. i.e. 3 months or less. More than that, your offerings  become “stale”. Rotate between sites, if you have more than one location.


PRODUCTION: Produce a product that the others are not making or want to make. Check out the wares that you consider competition. Crafters often buy each others goods and share sources of materials. They don’t necessarily want to make what you make, but would like one of what you make.(at least the ones with whom I’ve had contact over the years.)

Consider an “Econo” and a “Delux” line of goods.

RECORD Keeping is essential. How else will you know if you are winning or losing?

THANK your customer for purchasing your work.

These are only a few ideas for selling goods. Entrepreneurs are resourceful and will find a way, if there is a will.