The big REVEAL……….Knit to Fit.

You may have noticed that many of my FREE Patterns, don’t have a number of stitches mentioned. i.e. the hat ones.

Since, we have so many types and brands of yarns in North America, unless one uses the exact same yarn the item will NOT fit.


I use a “crochet” Cast-on for knit. Pictures of this method, are in almost all books/magazines or online.

Crochet chain cast-on 
For this you need to know how to do a simple crochet chain. Once you have chained enough to equal the number of stitches you need, plus a few extra, turn the chain over so that you see the bumps that were forming as you pulled the yarn through the hole. Put your knitting needle through those bumps and knit through it as normal. This produces the same edge as knitting on.

Once a chain is made in the appropriate tension for the yarn, I then wrap it around my head or where ever is needed for the garment/item size. i.e. hip area to see if it is long enough.

NEXT, I count the stitches and make sure that they are a “multiple” of the chosen stitch pattern. Allowing, 1 stitch extra stitch on each side for seaming so as  not to disturb the stitch patterning.

The tension gauge is critical, to determine the feel of the fabric; too loose or too tight will be determined here. Washing the tension swatch, (as you would the finished item) will also determine if the yarn will stretch or shrink and other alterations that may need to be made. i.e. tighter stitch, larger or small needles sizes or tension dial setting for the knitting machine.

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