Free Neckline trim for use on Knitting machine

I ran across this old file on my computer.
Could be knit by hand also.
It is basically
Row 1, “K2tog, yo, ” repeated across the row,
Row2, knit or purl as desired across the row.

Subj: Single bed neckline Section: Machine Knitting
To: All July 15, 1997 10:42:24
From: Mary Anne Cutler, 102635,1521 #1403238

I’ve been working on a garment and fell into this neckline as I was working.

Wrong side facing, Hangup the neckline stitches.
Main Tension- K2R
Main Tension less 1 number, after transfer of EOS to EON, knit 2 rows (ie. 2,4,6,8 etc)
Main Tension less 2 numbers, transfer EOS to EON (alternate needles ie. 3,5,7,9, etc.)
Main Tension less 3 numbers, K2R,
Tension 10, K1R and Link off.

This will make a lacey looking edge, about 1″ deep and a slight roll on the edge to the
front of the garment.

I don’t know if anyone has published this neckline before. It is conceivable that
someone else has had the same thought.

Mary Anne Cutler, Ont. Can.