Some Housekeeping for Knitting Machines

CLEANING the Machine

Trouble free machine knitting requires some housekeeping.

I clean the machine after EVERY project. That is, I use a stiff “parts cleaning brush” and remove the lint from the between the needles and the undersides of the carriages. The brush is very economical and available at most hardware stores.  A couple of bucks, less than $5.00.

Now is the time, to check for yarn wrapped around the brushes on the knitting arm and look for lint buildup, especially where the round brushes spin. Correct as needed. The brushes should spin readily. You may need to use a screwdriver to loosen the screw, clean and replace. This is a very small screw, don’t lose it……………..not readily available, you may need to order is it falls into the shag rug.

If, the bristles on the round brushes or the weaving brushes are radically malformed, it may be time to replace the brushes. They readily available from online knitting machine dealers, if one is not local.

Lastly, a delicate application of gun oil on the moving parts of the lint free carriage, the rail etc. The machine is now ready for your next project.

If, you are not using it immediately, the machine likes to be covered and protected from household dust. A bedsheet or towel works well, colour co-ordinated is nice………………….:-)

One response

  1. Very timely article. Machines needs to be cleaned now, before the holiday rush is beginning. It only takes a few hours and you will have a well running equipment. Please put my e-mail available for knitters who needs parts. I have a very extensive parts dept. and can be helpful with reasonable prices. Thanks Ada


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