FREE Pattern: Sock yarn circular hat on Passap knitting machine

SOCK YARN CIRCULAR HAT for Passap Duomatic Knitting Machine
or any knitting machine that knits circular.
Sock Yarn, 100 gm.
Suggested: Berroco Sox, Online Supersocke 100, Fortissima Socka,
or yarns that are approx 420 metre/100gm.
Cast-on using CX/CX. (setting for circular knitting on the Passap)
For use on other knitting machines, follow your machine manual for settings.
Setup needles for 1x1,
50 needles EON,(25-0-25) on BOTH beds.
Knit:CX/CX at a fairly tight tension(#2)
Knit 2 rows. Increase the tension as for stockinette.
Mine was 5.5
Put every needle into work and knit “circular”(CX/CX)
(50 needles on each bed)
When the 100 gm is almost all used up,
MOVE every other stitch to its neighbour,
Tighten up the stitch size.
KNIT a row or 2.
Close up the top by running yarn through the stitches
to gather and finish.(use a bodkin/single eye needle)
The result is a rolled brim and a gathered top.
Feel free to knit and share with my design credit.
Passap circular knit hat

Passap circular knit hat

Mary Anne Cutler, ON. Canada

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