Silk and Bamboo……………. so luscious

silk-bambooI have been gifted a couple of balls of Patons’ Silk Bamoo yarn. Stunning colour.

This is a work in progress at the moment. It’s called “Birthday Cowl”

It’s a free pattern, generously shared, from Nova Seal and can be found at

EDITED: I am told by a reader that the pattern is no longer posted on the above site. Perhaps, it is still available on


I have completed the cowl. It is lovely. It weighs 50 gm. and used 1 ball/50 gm.

Then, I decided to wash it. That was a MISTAKE.

I am very disappointed with the WASHED yarn. The colour “bled”. It’s good it wasn’t a two colour project. The item grew by approx 30%. The gauge was supposed to be 22st/10cm (4″) and grew to 14 st/10 cm (4″). It lost some of its sheen and in general went very limp with no memory.

My suggestion: Pick a project where none of these characteristics are important. I would not make a garment, but would use for a coverlet or a fluid, drapy scarf or wrap and wash as necessary.

I have since, re-made it with another ball of the same yarn and it is lovely and I wear it often. 🙂

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