Ribber Trouble Shooting……. Cast-on Etc.


1. Pitch settings
The P represents “point to point”. Meaning that the MB needles and the ribber needles TOUCH each other. H represents “half point” and the same 2 needles would miss each other.The ribber can be bumped a hair, ( with your hand) left or right to fine tune the settings. These settings are marked and located on the Ribber bed above the Racking handle.

2. Cast-ons. Check the Ribber manual for instructions for the specified type of rib cast on. The settings are slightly different for various types of ribbing cast ons. The cast ons will not look alike.
3. Dry Run. Run the carriages across the needle setup with NO yarn to see if they are correct. The needles will move accordingly.
4. Yarn thickness matters. Too thick, and the ribber rebels.
5. Retainer bar condition. MB is usually a sponge type and the Ribber one is solid. Ribbed garments seem to need a good condition retainer on the MB, but stockinette is not as fussy.
6. Check that the carriages are seated correctly on the beds. The Mainbed one particularly.
7. Needles,  Sticky or bent latches will affect how well the stitches knit off.

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