Tutorial: How to refurbish the retainer bar on a Studio Knitting Machine


Removing the old sponge material using a screw driver.


Lighter fluid softens and makes it easier to remove the old glue.


I mark the metal bar with the model number of the knitting machine or ribber.


I lay in the new sponge, which is pre glued by removing the plastic an inch or two at a time and finger press into the metal channel of the retainer. It is a snug fit.

A length of ribbon, glued on the surface allows the needles to move more smoothly. Double face glue tape ironed onto the ribbon, then ironed onto the rubber sponge works well.


Lastly, I tape the end with plain ordinary scotch type tape. It doesn’t look pretty, but works nicely.


In Canada, this can be purchased at the Canadian Tire Store, $7.99 plus tax. In the weatherstripping display area.

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