FREE Pattern: Rough & Ready Scarf 2012

Knitting Machine Pattern ……….the following details are what I used, but other tuck stitches can be substituted.

MACHINE: Standard gauge, 4.5 mm or similar
PUNCHCARD #7, from the standard Silver Reed/Studio punch card set.
STITCH Dial setting, TUCK stitch for patterning, STOCKINETTE setting for plain knitting.
TENSION Dial setting #6, for any yarn that knits using that stitch setting.

Final row count approx 500 rows.

SIZE: 30 cm x 100 cm.

Cast on 40-0-40 needles, permanent cast on method. (I use the crochet cast on.)

Knit 6 rows,
PROGRAM the punchcard and carriage as per instructions for your machine . Check the operations manual for your Brand of knitting machine, if unsure.

*Part #1.
Change settings to TUCK stitch. Knit approx 50 rows,
Part #2.
Keep punch card rotating.
Change dial to STOCKINETTE, knit 6 rows. *

Repeat these two segments, BUT vary the number of TUCK stitch row count, MAINTAIN the 6 row repeats.

Example: 50 rows tuck, 6 rows stockinette, 20 rows tuck, 6 rows stockinette, 15 rows tuck, 6 rows stockinette etc.

Ending with 6 rows stockinette. Cast off.
Row count: approx 500 rows.
SECURE with a “Kilt” pin. No blocking. Let it be.


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