FREE Pattern: Potato chip scarf

Knitting Machine version of Potato Chip Scarf

Stockinette stitch.

Generic instructions. Assumes knitter understands Short Rowing methods. There is an excellent free video tutorial about the ins and outs and alternate methods of achieving Short Row techniques on

Cast on approx 3 to 4" worth of stitches, depending on the thickness of your yarn.

Row 1 & 2, Knit.

Row 3, Short row groups of the stitches to 1 stitch using holding position.

Next row, knit them all back into work.

Knit 4 rows. (between wedge sections)

REPEAT the short rowing wedges. Continue as long as you like. It will twirl around onto itself forming the "chips".

Shortrowing, you can move 2 or 3 needles into Hold position at a time. Knit a test wedge to see how the wedges form.

Designer tips: Trim edges with a fancy, shiny yarn using crochet or one of the many machine knit edge patterns.

Enjoy. This scarf generates lots of compliments. 🙂

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