FREE Pattern: Crochet Winter Hat

Mobeus hat closeupThis a a crochet hat using a Bernat acrylic boucle type yarn.

Yarn: any boucle that can accommodate 7mm crochet hook.

100 gm of yarn, somewhat less used.

This hat is crocheted in the “flat” method. It looks like a rectangle before finishing seams.


Chain 56 chains. Take the time to measure that it goes around an adult head with ease.

Single crochet  into the back loop of each chain across the 56 chains. 1 single crochet at end, and then turn for the next row. This will form the ridges.

Continue single crochet each row until work measures approximately 9″ to 10″. Finish.

Sew/crochet  the short ends together, with one end twisted to form the mobeus. (match up one end that is a right side to the other end that is a wrong side)

Close up the open crown area to form the hat. (what could be considered  the side seam of a hat)


Mobeus mohair hatThis is an alternate look using a mohair/acrylic mix yarn.

The embelishment was crocheted and sewn onto the hat.

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