FREE Pattern:Flamenco. MACHINE KNIT

This one of the brands of yarn that I used for this scarf. There are other brands in the local yarn stores.

Hand the ribbon yarn as in the picture.

The black yarn is a thinish mohair/mix. Paton’s Lacette.


This scarf can be knit on any knitting machine.

Using the backing yarn,

Cast-on approx 20 stitches (mine was on a mid-gauge Studio Mod. 860 knitting machine). I used a crochet method, but an “e-wrap” would work nicely.

Knit 4 rows, stockinette.

*Hang the ribbon onto the needles as per the photo.

Knit 4 rows*  and repeat until the ribbon yarn is ended.

Knit 4 rows and cast off.

Block: pulling the ribbon yarn open so that the frill is more apparent. Steam block or wet block.

I had no idea this project would be so popular.




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