Knit on any knitting machine, any width.

I used a dress yarn along with a very, very thin yarn on tension dial at 9, using a standard 4.5 mm gauge machine.

Cast on 40 stitches.

Setup: 5 st in work, 1 stitch out of work. jjjjjojjjjjo…….etc

Pattern: repeat the following 20 rows.

A)Knit 20 rows.

B)Make the Holes: manually transfer stitch #3 of each 5 stitch group, onto its neighbour stitch. Leave the transfer needle in work so that it knits on the next passage of the carriage.

Knit as long as desired. Mine was 6 ft, 640 rows.

EMBELLISHMENT at the hem edges.

Thread desired number of beads on the yarn that is to be used for the crochet edge. Secure yarn at the starting point of the scarf edge.

*Crochet 5 chains, move bead through the crochet yarn, crochet 5 more chains. ( 1 bead is now on the crochet chain. Next, Slip stitch the 10 stitch chain stitches onto the scarf edge. * Repeat along edge of scarf.

Finish with a bit of steam.

Free pattern,

Yet Another Canadian Artisan,

Mary Anne Cutler 2019

FREE pattern : Super Chunky Mobeus Crochet Head warmer/Ear warmer.

Yet Another Canadian Artisan……….Mary Anne Cutler 2014


Adult size: 50 cm/20 in. 20 cm/8in wide.

Crochet 9mm hook
100 gm. Yarn. Paton Big Boucle yarn, 75% Acrylic/25% Mohair mix.

Chain stitch approx 20 inches/50 cm worth of chain. ( usual adult sized head circumference)

Join ending chain to beginning chain.
If twisted, it is intended. If not twisting, it will become a FLAT band type structure.

Work “Single crochet” stitches into the back loop of each chain stitch.
Continue to work into each chain, as you reach the end of the round, you will see a twist beginning to form.

Continue to Single crochet to desired width.

Finish to the last 2 chains, then crochet 1 “slip stitch” into each of those 2 chains and fasten off.

Hide the tails into the worked stitches.

This pattern is FREE for all to use. Please do not claim as your own.

Yarn used: Paton Big Boucle

Thicker, quicker boucle yarn
Beautiful shade range full of colorful variegates
Mohair adds softness and luxury
All Shades (241092)
Contents: 75% Acrylic, 25% Mohair
Put-up: 3.50 oz / 100 g
Length: 72 yd /


Little girls and their Dollies…….skirt pattern instructions

There is a small window of time that little girls play with their dollies. Some, never do.
My Grandaughters enjoy the American Girl dolls. Yes, they can buy clothing for them. Somewhat pricey IMHO, but never the less they are available. They save their money and spurge……….

I knit for the Dollies. There are numerous free patterns available on Ravelry and also on
I’m sure there are more

This dolly has new clothes, even a bag, but I think she needs “leg Warmers”.

SKIRT PATTERN: crochet, any stitch, any yarn. It is crocheted as you would any SIDEWAYS garment.
It is a crochet piece 50 cm x 13 cm.

A crochet skirt is a matter of deciding how long to make it and the proceed to crochet a length of work that will go around the body with some ease so that little hands can dress it by pulling it up to the waist. Sew the side seam and perhaps run some elastic to snug up the waistline.
This skirt was approx 50 cm (around body) and 13 cm (length)



Crochet cast-on for the knitting machine.

“Casting on” to the needles of a knitting machine is often troublesome for new knitting machine owner. The manual may suggest one or two methods. This is one that I use almost exclusively. It is a permanent method that won’t unravel, is neat and tidy, and even.

I didn’t take the picture and don’t know who did, but is a very good one to illustrate the “Crochet Cast-on”.


Cover stitch for serged edges on knits

While housekeeping old computer data I ran into this bit of info.
Gene Bailey of New York, was a popular producer of Designer knitwear of the 1990s. Known for his Wool/Ray suits. He also used this stitch for front openings. ie.Channel type garments.

Gene Bailey’s Cover Stitch:
(Can be used directly over serged out neck opening! Best with 2 strands, or a
combination of 1 strand knitting yarn and 1 strand different yarn of the same color, or 1
strand yarn, 1 strand ribbon)

1. Right side facing, insert hook, pull through a loop and form a single crochet.
2. YO, insert hook in same stitch. Pull through loop.
3. *Skip 2 sts., pull through loop.
4. YO, pull through ALL (loops and stitch).
5. YO, insert hook in stitch you just ended in and pull through a loop. Repeat from *

Is this considered textile?

The Shoes, aren’t they something……and then the skirts.




These reversible skirts……a walk down memory lane. These were SO, SO popular when I was a teenager. We all lusted for them. They were very expensive. It took many hours at my part time job to save up for one.

I saw them in a Thrift store. I guess, someone was reluctant to part with them and kept them all these years.

Talent galore…..Hand Spinners and their work.


This is only the start. The Ontario HandSpinners were enjoying a conference, skills challenges, vintage show & tell, a sales hall and more……..


Lots of fleece available for purchase.20120616-165754.jpg

Such a nice variety of items were in competition, using Hand Spun yarn, the made into an item. These spinners, not only could spin, but are very skillful in knitting, crochet, felting and lots more.


Stay tuned, more items in the competition.


Vintage items on display.


Of course, the sales hall……….20120616-170604.jpg

One more………..talented competition entry.


I hope you have enjoyed these photos as much as I did taking them and sharing the talents of these skilled artisans.

FREE PATTERN Flirty Ruffle Scarf- Lion Brand free pattern Brand yarns has many, many free patterns. There is a sign up form that is easy to complete. Lion Brand, also, has  a newsletter, that one may op in or not, to be sent to your email address. I like it.

The above scarf was not their suggested yarn, nor sized hook as in the written pattern. I used a 9mm hook. If, your yarn is thinner than the suggested one, just add more chain on your initial row.

What I particularly like about the scarf is, that it fits flat around the neck and then, all that is needed to secure, is to twist the hanging ends around each other.