I am a long time Artisan/ Knitwear educator/designer. I love to design, test and work with yarn and wire.

I am Located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Enjoy my treasures and feel free to purchase the samples, use my free patterns or duplicate them if desired.

Ravelry ID. Macon


2 responses

  1. Hello Brittany,
    I am sorry for being so late in answering your inquiry about Gene Bailey.
    My contact with him was that we were both presenters at a Machine Knitting Seminar in Toronto. I listened in on one of his presentations discussing “cut and sew”techniques on the fronts of jackets/ sweaters. Just sew a line, cut and finish with a manual crochet edge. Much like “crab stitch”. I know he preferred to use woolray, a tightly spun yarn and produced garments for New York women.

    How else can I help you, or perhaps I am too late for your info needs?

    Mary Anne Cutler, Burlington, ON. Canada.


  2. Greetings,

    My name is Brittany Hutchinson and I am a curatorial assistant at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC.

    I am currently researching knitwear designer Gene Bailey with a particular interest in his design style and techniques. In your blog post from December 8, 2012, you mentioned finding some information about his cover stitch in an old computer file. Would you happen to have any other information about his techniques? If it wouldn’t be an inconvenience to you, I would love to speak with you regarding your knowledge of Gene Bailey’s work.




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