Gramma and Grampas Turkey Bird Adventure

The adventures of Gramma and Grandpa cooking Xmas dinner. 2021.
It’s a two man, two beer job. Gramma is up to it.

Well, it turns out that it’s 4 + person bird; the bird actually weighs 11 1/2 lb. I needed to weigh it on the bathroom scale. All sorts of problems. The Microwave is too small. The pans are also too tight for the creature. Need room for the potatoes and carrots.

Had to head down to the storage room. Dad found a big oven roaster that hasn’t been used in years. I washed it well and I’m ready for the bird. Thankfully, I hadn’t given it away. Oh,oh, it doesn’t fit into the oven.

Grampa, the stitcher upper, ran into a problem, and had to go into the garage to find heavier string and doubled it up, to tie the bird down. He declined my offer of a length of Lopi yarn? He was worried that the bird would get out of the pot in many pieces. Now, it is safely, strapped in.

Progress……….. the bird made it into the oven with the help of Chef Google, the expert for temp and cooking times. Who knew that info was important, my bird did’t come with instructions.

Now, onto watching the bird roast until the veggies are ready to co-mingle with the bird. We are getting to know this bird so well; I think we need a name, or maybe just a R.I.P

Stay tuned……….What could go wrong?

Well it did. The digital thermometer malfunctioned. (Awful, some of these…..Chinese goods, but the price was right. ) Now, how do I figure out if the bird is thoroughly cooked. Time alone? If we get sick, we can’t visit the hospital, it is full with Covid 19 cases! Do we cut into it and peek? The veggies are still hard, but the time is up. What am I supposed to see?

Improvised covering

This is the roasting oven, not the dishwasher.

Looking good

End result.
Looking good. We ate some.
Maybe, we will try making this again, at least once per decade should be enough.

Hindsight, it’s a 2/4 job, not a 2 beer one.


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  1. I am glad you got the turkey roasted. I buy mine at the store where it is labeled with its weight. Usually I get a 13 lb. turkey which barely fits into my small wall oven. I put the turkey in a Reynolds turkey bag and put the whole thing into a 9×13 baking pan. I do have to take out one of the shelves of the oven. To test for doneness I either use the pop up gadget which comes in the turkey or look to see if the legs are falling away from the breast. Also make a small cut near the breast/leg area to see that the juice runs clear. I cook the sides after the turkey is out of the oven. I love cooking turkey, and do it at other times than Thanksgiving….sometimes even in July when I have stored a bargain turkey in the freezer.

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