Not for the faint of heart……cut and finish.

Cutting a knitted item using scissors, a knitting machine and a crochet hook.

I made a huge mistake on my project. An 80 row error using a dark coloured, fuzzy yarn. Unravelling would be a nightmare. I decided to change my design by cutting my knitting and Collecting the open stitches onto a knitting needle, and then rehang the open stitches onto the knitting machine and proceed. I did steam the area to be cut. The stitches for the hem/ bottom edge were then easy to rehang and reknit or cast off. Added a crochet finish to give the edge some stability.

After finishing, don’t forget to brush out the lint from the needlebed and replace dust cover.

I continued to cut and finish the arm holes with single crochet. 2 rounds and steam into shape. I did not use a sewing machine. Overall, what I thought was going into the waste, is now wearable. Much better, if it had been wool, rather than acrylic. It wasn’t sized for the wearer.

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