Skip a good swatch and pay the price.

What I wanted and what I got were 2 different things. The yarn was luscious to hold and knit.
The hand tension felt right. After the garment was knit, and a soak wash came the surprise.

It softened radically and grew abit. It bled some of the dye, that was noticeable, to me. All the balls were the same dye lot.

Trim instructions below photos.

The garment was designed using Knitware Sweater Design software. This is an old knitting software program that is no longer being sold, but is so useful. It can sometimes be found as freeware.

The yoke increases were calculated by the software and was handknit. The pieces were moved over to a Chunky 9mm knitting machine. The trim was handknit.

5.5 mm needle, 5 1/2 balls. (50 gm balls)

TRIM: 4 row repeat

Row 1 ( stockinette)

Row 2 *K 1, slip 1,* repeating continue across the row.

Row 3 knit stockinette.

Row 4 *K2 stitches, slip 1* repeat across the row.

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