A lesson learned…..

Ugh, dratts and humbug………

Disappointed knitting. A lovely mohair yarn on a cone. It must have been a mill end. It looked as though it was enough for a sweater or minimally a vest. Weight wise, it should be enough.

I Swatched and designed the garment. A handknitted circular yoke sweater, the body to be finished on the knitting machine. All went well for the handknitting. Next, the circle divided for the body and sleeves and the body hung up on the machine. Short rowing was calculated and determined for the neckline, (so that it doesn’t choke my throat). Executed and proceeded to the body, no issues. I took it off on waste and proceeded to hangup the front. Knitting away nicely and ……….Then, the Yarn RAN OUT. Much earlier, than it should have.

After, I removed the knitting from the machine and inspected, I found a DYE CHANGE. No apparent join of yarns to my eye, but it may have been so subtle that I missed it.

My lesson, is that Mill ENDS are just that. Rejects from quality controls for one reason or another. Generally, priced very right, but occassionally a surprise.

Yet Another Canadian Artisan, 2020

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