Knitted mask, machine knit pattern


This mask does NOT filter a virus. 

It protects YOU from me, and contains any germs/bacteria/virus that I may have to transmit.

Washable COTTON, in a yarn weight that can be knit at Tension 7 dial setting on a standard gauge knitting machine.

Cast on 44 stitches (22-0-22)

Knit 4 rows,

Increase on carriage side 1 stitch, every row.

Continue to 56 Stitches. 

Continue until it measures 6” from beginning.

Decrease, 1 stitch, every row on carriage side, until 44 stitches remain on the bed.

Knit 4 rows.



Ties……3 stitch I cord. (Knit 1 row, slip 1 row) x 120 rows or so for EACH tie.

Wrong side facing the operator, 

Over the centre portion, I hung up every 2nd stitch to gather the side edge of the mask. Overall design is, knit a length of tie, continue over side edge of mask and then continue for the other tie.

There are a variety of methods than can be used to secure the mask on the face. Elastic, ribbon ties, a wide head band. 

The photo is prewash. 

Post wash, it shrunk a bit, but fits nicely and secure side edge. I’m pleased with it.

Yet Another Canadian Artisan, 2020

Mary Anne Cutler,