Knitted Mask shape

Cascade Yarns has published a free pattern for a knitted mask.
NOT Suitable for full Covid protection use.



I knit it using a cotton from my stash. It has 98.3% cotton and 1.7% elastic. Circulo Yarns, Obsession. I have no idea of its Country of origin. 3.75 mm needle.

The Pattern: There must be a better pattern to download from the Cascade Yarns.

I can’t find and supply the link.

Caution: Fabric or knitted masks should be laundered between wearings.



2 responses

  1. So true. My understanding is that this mask is not suitable for full protection. I will add to my post.


  2. The Covid 19 virus is microscopically small. It is small enough to penetrate woven fabric. To form a barrier against the virus, there must be a layer of non-woven, waterproof material .A knitted mask cannot provide protection against any type of virus and I think that a warning to this effect should be attached to this knitting pattern.


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