Mohair……..a very warm scarf

Handknitting is meditative for me. During these self isolating times. Our Canadian Prime Minister says, stay home! And, so we did.

The scarf is called Eden, pattern from the Lace Yarn Studio book.

I purchased this book awhile ago and thought that I would knit one of the scarves. I love the book and definitely recommend it, even if no intention of knitting the other projects. There is a nice range of 1 skein, 2 skein, 3 skein etc projects from which to  choose.

My project, somewhat successful.

The red mohair and particular sock yarn was garish to my eye. I abandoned it for now. I need to wait for our stores to reopen to buy a better colour combination. I moved on, and then used the same ball of sock yarn with a white mohair yarn. The weight of the white mohair was different ( thicker) and needed a needle size adjustment. The finished scarf was then joined, end to end for a double circular scarf. I tested it out on our 5 C weather. It was warm!

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