Free: Blanket hat, How to…..requested.

Blanket Yarn Hat.

Blanket yarn Hat.

Yarn, approx 80 gm used per hat.

10mm needle or crochet hook.

Cast-on 50 stitches/chains

Sizing, for a larger head add a few extra stitches/chains.

Knit/crochet, flat with a seam or circular.

Stitch pattern. I used stockinette for the knit hats. Single crochet into half of the chain stitch for the crocheted hat, circular. A knit 5 x 5 rib would be nice.

Compare the depth ( before decreasing for the crown ) to an existing hat in your closet/collection.

Decreases at crown, your choice. Everyone seems to have a favourite method.

I used 3 different methods on 3 different style hats.

Mary Anne Cutler,

Yet Another Canadian Artisan 2018