Free Pattern: Generic Baby Bib

Generic Tuck stitch Baby Bib.

12” wide, 6” bib height.

40 gm.

Mystery cotton yarn.


Cast on 36 stitches.

Card 1, Tuck stitch.

Tension 7 on CHUNKY 9mm knitting machine.

Knit as long as you wish, cast off until last 6 stitches. On those 6 stitches, continue in pattern for the behind the neck portion. I joined it to the other edge for an over the head use.

Closing the neckline….last row before joining was a stockinette row to secure the tuck stitches……….then I just picked up the edge (2 loops on the needles) and cast off. If desired one could make a horizontal graft……as is, the seam has pretty well buried itself in the tuck stitches.

Various other methods can be used to secure it on the baby.