Knit out in Public Day, June 9, 2018

My local library hosted the Knit out in Public gathering on the grounds of the Library, under a mature shade tree. The weather was pleasant and attracted quite a number of knitters of a wide range of ages.

We played a “Blind Knitter” game, where we were blind folded. We cast on 20 stitches and one stabilizer row. A 3 minute timed round of knitting. The winner was the one who knit the most stitches, error free. The winner managed 3 rows of knitting. A prize was awarded.

Another group event was a “Knitting Trivia” questionnaire. Fortunately, there were many small prizes. I won a “yarn separator/ monitor. An ingenious plastic ring that fits my arthritic finger.

The “fob” was a gift from the Burlington Public Library, Burlington, ON. Canada. I attached it to my knitting bag so it wouldn’t get lost and have it handy when needed.