Pattern: Baktus

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Whilst housekeeping my electronic devices, I ran into the following scarf instructions.

I’m not sure if I rewrote this pattern or not. Nor, do I have a link to its potential originator. In any case, the shape and procedure is NOT my original idea. However, it is a very nice scarf that I have knit in many different stitches and yarns. I prefer the thin sock type yarns.

BAKTUS scarf

This is a version of a scarf or kerchief that was all over the Norwegian blogs in 2008.
The principle is to take one or a couple of skeins, and knit a triangle using your exact amount of yarn. A good way to use up one of those single skeins of sock yarn in bright colours.
It works with any kind of yarn, but I prefer a less than bulky yarn.
I used one skein of Hello Yarn sock yarn.
Choose needles that go well with the yarn you use.
To be able to know when I had used up half of my skein, I used a scale:
I weighed my yarn before casting on. Weighing the skein every now and then, I started decreasing when I had about 50% of the skein left.
How to knit:
Cast on 4.
Row 1: Knit 1, YO, knit the rest of the row.
Row 2: Knit, make sure you knit the YO through the back loop.
Rows 3 and 4: Knit.
Repeat rows 1 through 4 until you have used up half your yarn, or until your scarf is 50% of desired length.
Then decrease 1 every 4th row:
Row 1: Knit 1, knit 2 stitches together through the back loop. Knit the rest of the row.
Rows 2, 3 and 4: Knit.
When you have 4 stitches left, bind off.
You can increase and decrease in a number of ways, use the ones you like.
If you do this in stockinette, you will have a Karius scarf instead of a Baktus.
Karius and Baktus are two characters in a Norwegian children’s classic.
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