FREE Pattern: April Shawlette

This Shawlette pattern is using 100 gm of yarn.

Red Heart Unforgetable acrylic yarn. The colouring is amazing.

How to………. April Shawlette

1ball (100 gm), Red Heart Unforgetable yarn. Tuck stitch patterning,

54 in/136 cm long. 10 to 11 in wide.

9 mm Chunky knitting machine. I use a Studio SK 890 electronic with the EC1 for patterning.

Stock pattern stitch on OEM mylar using the EC1


Cast on 30-0-30

Dial tension setting 4

Knit one row,

Change dial to Tuck stitch

Knit in Tuck stitch until yarn is finished.

Allow enough yarn for the cast off. (4 x width measured over knitting on the needles)

Fold in half. Finish by sewing a small seam for the shoulder/ head opening. ( possibly 3 inches/7.7 cm ). Add 3 buttons for decor.

Feel free to make one of your own.

Mary Anne Cutler,

Yet Another Canadian Artisan, 2017


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