Working with Acrylic yarns……so many pretty yarns.

I am so enraptured with pretty yarns. On the other hand, I also dislike using acrylic yarns…….oh, but this one had sequins, mohair and some wool. My object was to knit a gossomer type stitch to keep the garment light. Was I successful? Well, marginal.

It weighs 250 gms and it does sparkle. I knit on the Studio/SilverReed mid gauge 6.5 mm. At tension dial set at 4. This time, I knit the garment and put the trims on the cuff and bottom edges last. Not my usual method, but OK. Some knitters prefer this method.

Would I knit with it again? probably not. 

How should I wear it? Add accoutrements on the sweater or wear plain with dramatic jewellery?


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