Scholarships available……..US and Canada

Happy New Year
As we prepare to kick off a new year, I want to take a moment to thank each of you for your enthusiasm for gardening, your willingness to give your time and share your opinions, sharing your thoughts, questions and ideas with us and most of all, for being in this with us. We really do love plants and gardening and our hard work is worth it because you love gardening too. Thank you, without you there would be no need for Proven Winners.  
Speaking of input, thank you to everyone who participated in our recent surveys. The winners of the randam drawing to receive Proven Winners Calendars are Deborah and Colleen from Ontario, Canada. Diant and Carol from Michigan and Shari from Wisconsin. I hope you all enjoy the calendars.
All of us here at Proven Winners are looking forward to another year of gorgeous flowers and gardening adventures. We hope you’ll come along for the ride again this year. So here’s to an awesome 2017. May your weather be mild and the rain timely.


One of the things that keeps our industry great is the passionate students that learn the ins and outs of developing, growing and selling plants and then work as horticulturists. 
College has become ever more expensive and Proven Winners in the 4th year of offering scholarhips to students in both 4-year universities and technical and coummunity college settings. We get a good number of applications for the 4-year scholarships we offer.
However, we could use your help getting the word out about the 5 $2,000 scholarships we offer for students at tech schools and coummunity colleges. There are 3 ways you can help. You can help us by simply sending this link to any high school student, or their parents, that you know is interested in horticulture.  
Second, we have established contact with every land-grant university in the US, but we don’t have those contacts with community and technical institutions. So if you know of schools in your area with horticulture programs, please send me the name of the school and the city and state or province in which it is located. I’ll find a contact person there. Or if you have a contact, forward the info along yourself.
Lastly, you can send the information about these scholarships to your local high schools. While students in any high school setting can love plants, schools with FFA, ag programs, school gardens or greenhouses are the most likely to have students that know about horticulture and could take immediate advantage of this opportunity. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.