FREE Hat pattern…..Lopi white and blue, Felted.

I love making hats! This time a Lopi, a bulky yarn.

Yarn: Istex LOPI, bulky weight. 100% wool. Total weight 138 grams,

Needles: 7 mm, circular.

Size: Adult,


Cast-on 72 stitches. I crochet 72 chains, then Knit first row by knitting into the bumps on the backside of the chain.

Join into a circle.

K15 rows. (For the rolled up brim).

Change colour,

Purl 1 row (blue)

K 15 rows in pattern, (any multiple that divides in 72, (I used a 6 stitch one)

Purl 1 row, (blue)

Change colour.

K1 row and proceed with your chosen method for the crown decreases.

Felted: using top loading automatic washer. 3 or 4 cycles. Pull hat into shape and air dry.

The picture……I think I need one more felting treatment. I love the hairy glow of the hat.