More Stash busting

Crocheting this time. A rug using a ” single crochet” stitch, through the back loop. This forms a very nice looking ridge.

 The yarns are a mix of various weights and colours. The picture doesn’t show the true colours. 

10 mm. Crochet hook.

Chain as many chains as desired width.

Start 2nd row with a single crochet stitch into the back loop and continue along, one chain at a time. Chain 2 chains at the end and turn. Repeat until you reach the length of desired rug.

2 strands of yellow,

2 strands of pale pink, (think baby yarn)

2 strands of green (greyish)

1 strand taupe (brownish) bamboo yarn

This will be a substantial weighted rug and so far pleasant to the eye. When completed, I will photo outdoors for a truer depection of the colourings.