Another project for the self-patterning yarns……..

This is a scarf starting with 3 stitches and then INCREASING, 1 stitch on 1 side only,  on every 4th row…….this produces a straight edge on one side. Join the 2nd ball and on the same side,  (the increased edge)  DECREASE 1 stitch, every 4th row until 3 stitches remain. Cast off.

PATTERN is *knit 3 rows, purl 1 row* and repeat until one ball (50gm) is used.

TOOLS: 2 balls of 4 ply Kroy Sock yarn, 3.25 mm needles.
BLOCKING: Handwash and lay out to air dry. Slight steam to edge to finish.

A Knitting machine could  be used with the use of a “garter bar” flipping to achieve the purl row. This is a good project to become familiar with the use of a garter bar.