Easy Chair Stash busting

I gather yarn leftovers from other projects. Mixing , matching, blending, combining together to form a new colour and textured yarn. Machine knitting type yarn on cones can be set on the floor near my Easy Chair and then just knit up together. I especially like to mix together and produce a heavier weight yarn that is too annoying to knit on the knitting machine, but works well for handknitting. 

The yarns are a mix of acrylic and cotton. The finished item can be machine washed readily.

Stitches……I tend to knit a mindless type stitch. Garter stitch which produces a heavier fabric is nice for a floor mat, bathmat, rug type item.

The Needle size that I seem like, is a 7 or 8 mm with a LONG cord. The longer the better. 40″ or plus, if it can be found.

I Cast on as wide as I like and then knit straight up to the length as desired or run out of yarn. Adding an additional unusual colour can often give the project some pizzaz.