Suri Silk Knit Weave……..knitting machine pattern

HOW TO……..machine knit on a Chunky Silver Reed SK890 or SK155

Suri Silk yarn, 100gm

Wool solid colour, 100gm
Electronic Pattern #1, Punchcard #1 (1×1)



Dial tension 4

Cast-on 48 stitches. (24-0-24)

Knit weave technique, wool background yarn, the Suri Silk is the woven portion.

Size: 13″ x 36″ long

NOTE:  I was told that this Suri silk yarn is handspun by women in India; that they gather the sweepings off the floor in the textile factory, take it home, spin it and sell it through a co-op.

Set up patterning device. Program it as per your machine manual instructions.

K2 row stockinette.

Begin to Knit weave, pull out needle to “D” position closest to carriage on “Every” Row.

Continue to knit weave using up all Suri Silk yarn.

K2 rows, Cast off.

Soak in a mild soap/shampoo solution. Rinse well. ( mine bled blue dye).

Wrap in a towel and squeeze to absorb some of the moisture. 

Pin out to shape and Air dry. Project softens beautifully.


To fringe or not to fringe………

This yardage would also look nice as a Wall hanging or cut it in half, pick up open stitches on the cut ends and finish.

Yet Another Canadian Artisan

Mary Anne Cutler, 2016


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  1. This is a great idea! I have had skieins of this for a few years and could not figure out what to do with it! Thanks.


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