Eye candy from India

I am sure many of you who are textile afficionatoes have run across this yarn. This is the first time I have seen it in the “real”.

It was in a most unlikely location, not a yarn store or yarn expo, but in a General Trade show that focused on vendors selling things like jewellery, jams and jellies. Mary Kay cosmetics, Tupperware, gourmet pkgd sauces, glassworks, chainsaw scuptors and other fine artisans. The vendor was selling scarves that she had recently purchased on a vaction in India. 

There they were, a few hanks of yarn; which appear to be the re-cycled Sari hand spun yarn. She had purchased them from a womens co-op. Could I resist?………….. No! 

The testing and swatching will begin. 

So far, I’ve swatched using a knit weave technique on the Chunky knitting machine, washed and air dried it. I am plesantly surprised. It softens beautifully when compared to the feel on the hank.