Knitting Machine Seminar 2016

I have very recently attended a Machine knitters Seminar in the USA.

I came home very disappointed. I realize that the Host has worked hard to even present a seminar. We are all thankful. Many attendees drove hours to get to the location.

Where are the younger knitters? Where are the new to the knitting machine knitters?  I spoke with a few who were returning to the craft. No fashion show by the presenters or the attending knitters to show off their current work and fashion styles.

Very, very few people wearing  a knit. Are knitted garments out of style? No one wearing shawls and cowls like they do at a Handkniters event.

It appears to be a craft in decline and a dying skill. Perhaps, I hope that I am wrong and just venting my disappointments.

Here are a few photos that I was allowed to take of samples that one of the demo’rs. She has been using the popular self-striping sock yarns in her work.


The brown one appears fuzzy, it is a smooth yarn and one strand of chenille yarn.


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  1. The samples and swatches are beautiful.
    As there are no seminars over here on Germany, I can’t really compare, but I feel the same disappointment like you, if some machine knitters meet over here.
    Most knitters aren’t that young, rarely wearing their knitwear…
    Too sad, but I think that maybe this says a lot about our lifestyle these days: if one starts machine knitting it takes a while to achieve a wearable piece. It needs patience, training and some technical skills now and then. That’s not what some new knitters expect…
    I’m self taught, never attended a course, but nowadays a lot of beginners don’t have the patience to just try something. As I’m wandering around in a couple of Internet groups I’m under the impression that even reading the manual is too much to ask for.
    I feel that gathering information about that wonderful hobby before purchasing a km would avoid that some newbies are disappointed – still there’s no machine invented yet, where to throw a skein of yarn at, saying ‘Cardigan’, press a button and the perfect result shows up immediately 🙂
    It’s such a creative hobby, it’s so worth all the efforts


  2. How very disappointing for you, it is sad to see the craft of machine knitting dying. It is the same here in Australia with very few young people taking up the craft. On a brighter note, however, it does seem to be flourishing in Europe. There is a Facebook machine knitting Group and I am constantly being amazed at the photos of the beautiful and inspiring knits they are producing. Do go to Facebook and look for the Group and join, it will really inspire you. I have been MKing since 1957 and during the 80s and 90s really enjoyed the vibrant machine knitting scene here in Australia, we had such wonderful seminars and fashion parades. Now I hardly knit at all, but still enjoy seeing the work of others.


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