Vintage yarns…….my experience

Working with Vintage yarns can be challenging. The yarns deriorate in a number of ways. Synthetics may become very brittle, unpleasant to work with on the hands and the project just doesn’t look or feel right when complete. Of course the dyed colours were popular at the time, but appear so garish to our eyes at this point in time.

Natuaral fibres are more forgiving, of which was mostly wool. The colours are more forgiving to the eye, but were/are subject to fading. Sometimes, this is a problem, other times not. Then, there are the critters. ……….The yarn breaks apart or strands are broken from an infestation of moths.

It has been recommended that whenever a vintage yarn is encountered, a treatment of a few hours in the freezer will kill any live bugs. Better to be safe than sorry, than spread the infestation among non-infected goods.

This yarn appears to have been sold in the 1980s and id’d by the style of labelling. Todays label information is far more complete for the user. Those were the times……no yardage/meterage.

The question to me was what to make with this yarn. I tried felted slippers. Success was not in the cards. They were felted over and over in the top loading washing machine, the dryer was brought into the mix, but they were very difficult to felt and sizing was difficult to attain.

Eventually, I cut them up for insoles for my “crocs” and the scraps wound for the start of a “dryer ” ball. Dogs also like these “dryer” balls.