Cool video of circular knitting

I was not able to take a still picture of this. 

The video shows how the commercial fuzzy yarn scarves are made using a circular knitting machine.


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  1. THANK YOU for that wonderful video!!!
    A few years ago and for all of fifty-cents, I picked up such a scarf – solid pink – from a second-hand store. Someone had ripped a hole in it, so I decided to ravel it for the yarn. Until that moment, I hadn’t ever imagined a machine that fed multiple strands at once to work stacked spirals of knitting round and round. Undoing that little scarf made evident that such a circular knitting machine existed. Now, I can give the link to here to others to show them how it’s done. Thank you!

    P.S. I’m still slowly working my way through that mass of fuzzy pink stuff. The photo is of the second such scarf:


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