JACKs’ HAT by special request. 

A special request from a Gent with limited hair (think bald) in a cold climate. 

The request had criteria. Warm, fit was to hug the head, Black, small fold up/down brim! Water, wind and snow resistant.
Yarn: Istex Lette Lopi, (aran weight) 50 gm.

Needles: 4.5 circular.

Size : Medium

Method: handknit circular
Cast-on 80 stitches,

Ribbing 2×2, (knit 2, purl 2)

Knit approx 14 rows or 2 ”
Knit stockinette for next 5 ”

Crown shaping: decrease. Approx 3″

Knit 7, k2 together and repeat around this round,

Knit 1 round plain. 

Repeat in this way, until a few stitches remain. Thread end of yarn through them and secure.
Soak the completed hat in warm water, squeeze out the water, roll in towel to remove excess water. Then, lay out the hat and smooth out the stitches and leave to air dry.
Enjoy your JACK HAT
Yet Another Canadian Artisan , Mary Anne Cutler 2016