Look what landed in my lap!

My daughters’ friend dropped this off. “Your Mom machine knits, doesn’t she?” Maybe, she would like to play with this.

It was interesting to make it go and I did manage to knit on it, but I could see how frustrating it is to do so.

The actual instructions to knit the items were included.

The kit was from 1968. The plastic is so brittle that is now just a Museum piece. I love how it is called an Automatic Knitting Machine.


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  1. This was a fun read. This past November I was at a show and the theme for 2015 was children. With kids in mind, the guild had done up a sheet of all the things beginnner knitters could do with an 8 inch wide piece. From fingerless mitts – fold over and sew up leaving a thumb hole – to scarves and hats. The brave could venture into into bigger things, like blankets. But on a little machine? How cool.
    PS, love your felted hat. I’ve knit several bucket style but think it’s time for a cloche like yours. Thanks for the inspiration.


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