Stash Busting……… method.

After many, many years of knitting by hand and machine, I have collected yards and yards of yarn. Maybe more like miles and miles. This past year, I focused on knitting small amounts. Random yarns, 100 gm to 200 gm or so balls. The hats and scarves pile up. Some knit by hand, others by knitting machine.

Cone yarns, most of them will make up into bigger projects. In the distant past, when I was designing and making up collections of garments, it was prudent to by large quantities, (read lbs) in order to have enough to experiment and not run out. In time they accumulated. Yarn for the most part, doesn’t go bad. It is the fashion colours that change from year to year……….

My PROJECT, this time is using multistrands of yarn and colour combinations and textures. This produced a thick yarn and is meant to be knitted on large dia (10mm) knitting needles. I’ve been knitting it straight off the cones. A designated knitting chair was chosen, the Seed stitch, and onto the cast-on of 51 stitches.

E The project is moving along nicely. SEED stitch (k1p1) is producing a nice tweedy fabric. Ironically, the tweedy colours will suit my home decor.

At this point I haven’t decided the final outcome. A bath mat, or a wall hanging, or an afghan/throw………or what………stay tuned for the finale, I will post a picture.



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  1. As a long-time machine and hand knitter I identify with you! I have a room full of yarns and am now approaching 80yo and have no hope of ever knitting them all. Thanks for your inspiration to combine them to make a really thick hand knitting yarn, it will help me use up a few more of them 😀👍


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