Bits and Pieces……….What to do with leftover yarn.

What to do with leftovers……yarn and project leftovers. Here are 2 suggestions.


I had a leftover piece of felt and it seemed to be a good weight for potholders. Out with the scissors……easy peasy……draw on the felt and cut it out. Embellish, if you like or not.


By Guess and By Golly scarf.

The crochet scarf was 2 very different yarns. Not enough for anything by itself, but partnered, it was enough for a scarf. Chain a length and alternate each yarn, every row. It’s a “by guess and by golly” type project. Any stitch per row. Sometimes a single crochet row,  other rows a slip stitch.

I crocheted this one widthwise, hoping that I had enough yarn to fopinish the last row. If not, it is easy to unravel the last row.