Crochet cast on For Hand and Machine knitters.

I ran across this BING picture which shows clearly how to start a knitting project with a ” provisional cast on”. That is a cast on that leaves “open” stitches when the contrast coloured chain is pulled out. 

I often use it as a permenant cast on and continue knitting. For a bit more weighting on the edge, use the yarn double or triple thickness on the crochet chain. 

It can also be used on a knitting machine by hanging the “bumps” onto the knitting machine needles. 

As an added extra, it is useful when both ends of a piece of knitting are desired to look the same. Cast off with a chain style cast off.

I apologize, in that I am unable to give credit to the original photographer.

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  1. The original is a tutorial from your fellow Canadians Tincan Knits, Alexa Ludeman and Emily Wessel. (I have enough of their patterns to recognize the characteristic font!). 🙂


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