Felted Pin Cushion in an Artisan Bowl

  • A felted Dryer ball in a handcrafted bowl and being used as a Pin Cushion

The dryer ball is handmade by winding random pieces of wool over a wool core. Soak in the wash mashine and wash with clothes to activate the felting process.  When you are satisfied that it has felted adaequately, tumble dry in the dryer. This process may need to repeated a few times to felt the ball.

On this particular ball, I liked how it showed the strands of yarn. On other balls that I have made, the yarn strands disappear. Some people will needle felt the ball, others will knit a jacket for the ball.

I must mention that wool or another animal fibre is needed, not acrylic.

  • What are dryer balls? They are felted balls that put into the clothes dryer to enable better and shorter drying time along with the reduction of use of fabric softeners.