FREE Crochet Earwarmer/Headband pattern

Any yarn, any sized hook.

Crochet a “chain” long enough to go around your head. Some like it looser, others tighter. Approx 18″.

This band is crocheted flat and the ends joined to complete.

Row 1: the chain, approx 18 inches.

Row 2: slip stitch or single crochet into each chain. Turn.

Row 3: chain 3, double crochet into each chain across width. Turn. 

Repeat row 3 until you feel that it is wide enough for your taste.

Last row, slip stitch or single crochet into each stitch. Fasten off at the end. I crocheted 10 ridges. 

Join the narrow ends together, and then gathered them so it looks like the picture.

The yarn in the picture is using a Briggs and Little, 2 ply, 100% woo, that was hand dyed with food grade dyes to give it a mottled denim look. 5mm crochet hook.  100 gram hank/skein produced 4 headbands. The bands were washed , treated with fabric softener, and air dried on the hat block.