Frustrated new Knitting Machine users……some suggestions

On the knitting forums, I have been reading about knitters that are new to the use of the Knitting Machine and are frustrated. Machine knitting has quite a learning curve. It is not a matter of threading the yarn and pushing the carriage across the a bed full of needles.

The first place to learn about knitting with the mainbed and/or the ribber is the Manual that came with the Machine. It’s somewhat like cooking. If, it’s not done right, it goes into the garbage. As we all know, some cooking recipes require a knowledge of basics and others are very detailed. Knitting machine patterns are the same.

Begin at the front of the manual. If, your manual is downloaded from the internet, print it out. You will be glad you did. I know it is alot of pages, they are ALL important. Then, proceed to work your way throughout the various samples. Each sentence is important, each setting on the diagram is important. Watch the needles and the yarn on every row and recognize what is happening.

Jumping around the manual is a waste of time and frustrating, because you won’t know why you are executing a particular setting.

Trying to sort out a problem on a group list is helpful, but the readers need to know specific settings, type of yarn, machine being used etc to solve the problem. One machine cannot use all weights of yarn.

Lastly, a new knitter needs classes of one sort or another, be it a DVD, a seminar, private classes from a local tutor. A 2 minute You tube video is not enough until you have learned the basics.

Vogue Live often hosts the renowned Susan Guagliumi teaching classes on the SilverReed knitting machine and would be well worth the bucks, especially, if one is local. For out of towners, a day or a weekend in the Location site is worth the time spent as there are other knitting events going on throughout the weekend.

Mary Anne Cutler