Snow plough marker flag

It’s winter! The snow plough operator now has a marker for the edge of the road.

This flag was knit on the Singer/Studio/Silver-Reed Chunky SK890 electronic knitting machine. This is a metal bed with the 9mm spacing between the needles and the EC1 patterning device.

The How To…….
Crochet type Cast-on approx 17-0-17 needles.
Knit 10 rows,
Knit 1 row (fold row ) at loosest tension,
CHANGE Dial to reg tension,
Knit another 10 rows before hanging up a hem. ( pick up every other loop from the crochet cast-on edge and place it on the needles on the bed. Knit 1 row across.)
Knit 2 rows,
AT THIS POINT….. I chose a slip stitch pattern to give the flag a bit of substance and body.
Start to Decrease each edge every 4 rows, until 3 stitches. Cast off and secure.

Trim as desired.



Please note that I did not include type of yarn or tensions. This is determined by your chosen yarn. If a wider width is desired, add more stitches when casting on.


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