FREE Pattern……Berroco “Link” yarn HAT #1

Berroco “LINK” hat pattern.

Sideways knit construction.
I hank, 50% wool, 50% Acrylic, 7oz1 200 gm, 32 yd-30 m
10mm knitting needles, gauge unknown.

Cast on 7 stitches VERY loosely.
Row 1… * Knit 1 stitch, 2 wraps of yarn over needle.* ……repeat to last stitch.
Row 2….*Knit the stitch and then unravel the yarn overs* … last stitch.

Repeat these 2 rows x 13 or 14 repeats. ( it will depend on how tight or loosely you knit).

Join ends. I used the 3 needle cast off method.
Gather the side edge and tighten for the crown.
I had approx 5 ft of yarn remaining.

Mary Anne Cutler
Yet Another Canadian Artisan