Dryer Balls…….how to

I’ve exploring the making of dryer balls. These balls are used to soften items in the clothes dryer and use less fabric softening products. There seem to be a number of different methods of making them.

Some are made of WOOL yarn stuffed into a knit casing; much like the Ball Christmas ornaments. Others, are yarn wrapped into a ball and secured with sewing. Some, are simply a ball of roving and then needle felted.
All, are then felted and dried. Some are some of this and that technique.

This is how I made mine. I wrapped wool yarn around a wool core (a scrunched up wool swatch). I then Needle felted some fleece over the yarn ball. Washed it in the wash machine and secured any loose ends with the needle felting tool after the drying process.

I have read that using acrylic yarn for the core doesn’t work very well, as it is not heavy enough for the drying action in the dryer.


I think this would be an ideal way of using up wool that has deteriorated after an encounter with moths.

IMG_1425-0.JPG These were made using a mohair yarn wound over the ball instead of fleece or roving. I have been testing their softening properties, and yes they work and no extra lint is produced.