FREE pattern : Super Chunky Mobeus Crochet Head warmer/Ear warmer.

Yet Another Canadian Artisan……….Mary Anne Cutler 2014


Adult size: 50 cm/20 in. 20 cm/8in wide.

Crochet 9mm hook
100 gm. Yarn. Paton Big Boucle yarn, 75% Acrylic/25% Mohair mix.

Chain stitch approx 20 inches/50 cm worth of chain. ( usual adult sized head circumference)

Join ending chain to beginning chain.
If twisted, it is intended. If not twisting, it will become a FLAT band type structure.

Work “Single crochet” stitches into the back loop of each chain stitch.
Continue to work into each chain, as you reach the end of the round, you will see a twist beginning to form.

Continue to Single crochet to desired width.

Finish to the last 2 chains, then crochet 1 “slip stitch” into each of those 2 chains and fasten off.

Hide the tails into the worked stitches.

This pattern is FREE for all to use. Please do not claim as your own.

Yarn used: Paton Big Boucle

Thicker, quicker boucle yarn
Beautiful shade range full of colorful variegates
Mohair adds softness and luxury
All Shades (241092)
Contents: 75% Acrylic, 25% Mohair
Put-up: 3.50 oz / 100 g
Length: 72 yd /