Designing collections

Designers are challenged to produce a collection of items. The criteria differs from project to project.

Sometimes, it is the yarn that is to be featured.

Sometimes, it is the pattern for a garment or accessory.

Sometimes, a skill set, perhaps stitches, be it for knitting, crochet etc.

Other times, it is a collection of techniques for a book

Or a specific theme. ie. Circus, cartoon characters, animals, single motifs.

Recently, I have been knitting with a specific yarn and a single stitch.
Single crochet stitch is used on all the items.




The knitting this week is of a particular knitting pattern using a variety of different yarns. Wool……..Superwash wool, the variegated yarn is a wool/linen/acrylic mix.




Even the cat wanted to participate in the photo shoot. She is a darling but has a mind of her own.

The pattern is a free pattern called “Gallatin” designed by Kris Basta,